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From concept development to full scale production. We utilize the latest technology, capitalize on our experience, and abide by lean manufacturing standards. 


Our sister company does precision machining of complex shapes for diverse industries including scientific instrumentation, prototyping, and small production runs.



An important part of business is understanding cash flow in relation to required product. Vico Plastics is happy to help in planning your production and warehousing needs.


Each job is approached from the most efficient standpoint possible. When running products, standards are written into place conforming to not only the best quality part, but also the best use of energy, labor, and material.



Vico Plastics works with online commerce solutions such as SPS for large retail fulfillment, along with our own small order fulfillment depart to complete any size order.


Our Pad Printing technologies expands our capabilities and allows us to add finishing touches, create assemblies or kits. We can also help with future inventory planning.

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