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Secondary Operations & Finished Assembly

Secondary Operations Include:

Assembly: Parts may require additional components to be attached or assembled together, such as inserting metal inserts, fasteners, or other molded components.

Post-Molding Finishing: This includes processes like trimming excess flash or material from the molded parts, deburring to remove sharp edges or burrs, and polishing or sanding to achieve a smooth surface finish.

Painting and Coating: Injection molded parts can be painted or coated with various finishes to enhance their appearance, provide protection against corrosion or wear, or achieve specific properties such as conductivity or chemical resistance.

Printing and Labeling: Custom markings, logos, or labels can be applied to the molded parts using techniques like pad printing, screen printing, or labeling to provide important information or branding.

Welding and Joining: Injection molded parts may require welding or joining operations to combine multiple components, achieve a specific shape, or reinforce the overall structure.

Surface Texturing: Molded parts can undergo surface texturing processes, such as etching, embossing, or engraving, to add texture or patterns for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Packaging and Shipping: Once the secondary operations are complete, the parts may be packaged, labeled, and prepared for shipping to their final destinations.


Pad Printing

Pad printing is a versatile printing method that Vico Plastic Molding utilizes to add professional finishing touches to the parts we manufacture. With our state-of-the-art pad printing equipment, we can apply precise and durable prints onto various surfaces, including plastics, metals, and ceramics. This enables us to incorporate branding elements, product information, or intricate designs onto the manufactured parts, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and providing valuable information to end-users. Our pad printing capabilities ensure that the finished products not only meet high-quality standards but also reflect the unique identity and branding of our clients.

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